Our Lady of Guadalupe is Speaking To You

Many are not aware of all of the messages on the Tilma of St. Juan Diego. The iconic image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is speaking to us about how to prepare for battle and how to help usher in a new Civilization of Love.

Please listen to the audio. It is unedited from the original recording and it starts about 1 min 40 second in.

Listen To The Meaning and Messages Here

Watch the Beautiful Prezi Picture Presentation Here

3 thoughts on “Our Lady of Guadalupe is Speaking To You

  1. timelessmonk says:

    Thank you for this Christina; listening to it now.

    I cannot remember if I sent you the attached draft booklet and link to a 1-minute draft video, which summarises another approach to the tilma message, so forgive me if I have already and this email duplicates the past. The contents of both booklet and video have been done under strict supervision with my spiritual director.

    The booklet is a draft summary of my take on the Guadalupe tilma’s communication ideas, developed from the time of Pope Benedict’s visit to the United Kingdom. These ideas are also summarised in a 1-minute video at https://www.rawshorts.com/ ; login details: aces@r3adygrid.com ; and password: Ac35R3adyGr1d. These ideas do have a longer pedigree than that, however, and four articles explaining this technique in detail have appeared in the Catholic Medical Quarterly, since that visit.

    My Facebook group “The First Right Answers sorted” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/533349723425101/) also has many examples which I am planning to transfer to video (of 1-minute, or shorter, duration).

    Please can you keep both the draft booklet and the video confidential, given that they still have mock-up images that are not royalty-free and, so, are not finalised. A book, based upon this booklet, is in the making, as I write, and it may well be something apt for this Year of Mercy.

    Happy Feastday and every good wish for this coming year, Michael +4479 2350 7356

  2. Maz says:

    God is mercy and love… And Mary is Mother of Mercy… This year we have the opportunity to love God more … Let’s go…
    See my blog:


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