Inner Healing Sets You Free

These talks were recorded in 2015 at a workshop I gave over a 6 week period to around 40 or more people. We separated them into groups of 6 so that they could develop trust and relationship. We had an experienced prayer minister or mature Christian at each of the tables to lead and guide. We stopped for regular journaling and prayer.
Is All of That Necessary?
I don’t think that is all necessary but it sure was a beautiful experience.
Why Am I Posting This Now?
If you are finding this, I hope it helps you to find freedom. I also want to apologize to you for the ways our Churches have let you down by withholding the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as the power that the Holy Spirit has to set captives free. I think they are scared of Him. Our protestant brothers and sisters seem to know more about him then many Catholics do and those who think they know him are led by fear and seem to try and destroy any ministries operating in the gifts. Again, I am sorry. I hope these talks give you some answers and truth.
So Are These Your Talks?
These talks are me giving my examples and my explanations and my insights using the knowledge and scripture and professional quotes compiled in the manual that You can get at the John Paul Healing Center
We purchased them directly from the Healing Center (giving all monies to them and we bought 40 “Be Healed” books as well. The course was free other than the materials and those costs went back to the originator of the manual).
I want to thank my friend Angie who took the journey with me to find healing and freedom. We are still on this journey but her trust in me and me telling her this was the way to go…led to us helping others find freedom. 
I want to reiterate that the talks below were given by me. I do not say that to get any notoriety or to promote myself, but to simply state I am not giving someone else’s talks away for free only my own.
The original talks that went with the manual given by Dr Bob were purchased and shared with every attendee so they could experience his teaching on the subject manner and my talks were for guiding our discussions and personalized to the group attending.
The talks below that I gave were on the weekly lesson material and were mean to open up the teachings and help make it relevant to those taking our 6 week retreat. Our hearts truly desired to minister to those in need.
Why Did You Leave Your Family Every Week For Two Months Giving Teaching, Prayer, Encouragement and Share Your Charismatic Gifts With The Church?
We did this because we wanted to give those we saw suffering  the spiritual food and drink that we found and desired to share with others. Not for any other reason but to answer the call, to run into the darkness and help bring in Jesus Lost Bride.
The 5 Talks Given On Inner Healing
Talk 1 Healing The Whole Person (Me)
Talk 2 Wholeness in Christ (Me)
Talk 3 Facing Our Brokeness (Me)
Talk 4 Inner Healing Prayer (Me)
Talk 5 Redemptive Suffering and Healing (Me)