Deep Sorrow

Deep sorrow is emanating from within me as I fear every visit to the rest room.

It is 11:36pm and this final visit to the “John” tells me that Kolbe is leaving my body.

As more brown substance is wiped away, I take an overnight feminine napkin from my drawer. I realize this may be his or her final resting place. So sad am I that as I peel the paper off the adhesive and apply it to my undergarments, I watch as my tears soak it before the blood that will surely be there by morning.

Mary, please comfort me , I’m drowning…

7 thoughts on “Deep Sorrow

  1. suzanne vinci says:

    Dear Christina, I have no words to comfort you, I’m sitting here as I drown in my own sadness for you I know this is not what you need to hear so I won’t say much but do know that I pray for you and your baby, Kobe, and your family, Just know God loves you and will provide you with whatever is necessary for you to handle this terrible time in all your lives. God will always bless you with what is best for you.
    Suzanne Vinci

  2. Dear Beautiful Mama,

    I am so sorry to hear this! My heart goes out to you! Every day I pray the rosary and 7 sorrows rosary. I will ask Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to bless you and send you His peace and comfort. Wish I could give you a hug in person! Again, I am so sorry! Much love, hugs, and prayers to you!


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