Satanic Band from Sweden, “Ghost” performed and Man dies

IMG_4679My son went to go see this disgusting and diabolical band tonight.  Oh and someone died at the concert… a man had a heart attack at the Milwaukee Wisconsin performance. Please pray for the man that died and please pray for my son that his eyes are opened to the truth.  Eternal rest grant unto him oh lord and let perpetual light shine upon him and may he Rest In Peace.

Man dies at Ghost Concert

This is a boy that has worn his scapular that has always prayed that was a server for the bishop and was the one that went to church even if you had to go at a different time than the family to get there. This is no longer the case. I’m truly heartbroken tonight that my son would go to something like this…. then come home and say it doesn’t mean anything it’s just good music.

“In a website dedicated to the group, Ghost is described as a “devil worshipping ministry” that uses pop rock music to achieve their ends that is; “to glorify and glamorize the disgusting and sacrilegious” and “to majestically weave their melodic spell of evil through the senses until the listener finds themselves utterly possessed and open to any diabolical suggestion.”


Papa Emeritus performs in elaborate costumes as a satanic priest, leading his audience in “rituals” such as chanting and taking unconsecrated communion wafers.

Asked how they overcame the initial resistance that they faced in America, the Ghoul jokes: “It’s because of Satan, of course. We have him on our side.”


The band’s lyrics are formulated to cut straight to the heart of any listener who may have doubts about their beliefs, more especially those who feel they have been “hurt by the church”. Their job is to sow further seeds of doubt and cause the listener to think they have finally “seen the light”.

Some of the songs are just blasphemy put to music like the song “Infesstusum” which uses Latin to sing a demonic praise that mocks the trinity.  Here are the words and the translation.


Il Padre
Il Filio
Et Lo Spiritus Malum
Omnis Caelestis
Delenda Est

Anti Cristus
Il Filio De Sathanas

Translated as; INFESTISSUMAM

In the name of the Father and of the son and of the evil spirit. Every heavenly thing
Must be destroyed. Anti-Christ, son of Satan
infestissumam…. which is most probably an incantation or invitation to infest the person singing or chanting it. But hey, it’s all just for fun right?

I blessed my home and prayed a blessing and deliverance in Jesus’ name over my son and claimed the ground in his room and of the house. I asked for anything that tried to attach itself in any way be cast off and sent to the cross. Now I pray he never goes to see bands like this again.

If you have gone to one of these performances then  you were in the presence of rituals and the chanting of the Devils many names .   If you have a child or family member that has gone to one of their performances and I urge you to pray on their behalf for spiritual protection.




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