MARCH FOR LIFE 2012; Non-existent Media Coverage

I was at the March for Life this year and was disgusted by the non-existent media coverage. At one point I was at the Congress steps listening to Fr. Pavone give his talk and I noticed three affiliates from ABC News laughing and jeering with one another while their cameras sat on the ground covered up in plastic so they would not get wet.

I proceeded over to them and said, “I cannot believe you are not filming any of this, how can you sit there and watch hundreds of thousands of people congregate on our Nations capital, have a camera and yet not film it?” They thought I was funny and laughed at me.

I kept my composure and asked them if this many people were marching in protest of vegetables I think it would make the news so how can they ignore this? I even pointed out that the woman’s voice that booming over the loudspeaker was the ex-girlfriend of Steven Tyler of the Rollings Stones and she was talking about he coerced her into getting an abortion when she was over 5 months pregnant. “Isn’t that newsworthy?” I pointed this out to them because it seems like celebrities and Rock Stars are the only thing that interests them and not real news so perhaps they could film that angle of it. They thought that was so funny they began to taunt me saying “Oh, did you hear that? Steve Tyler got someone pregnant!” They continued to laugh and jeer saying “Oh ya, real newsworthy”.

Finally, they told me they were not there to tape the March but had come to get footage of the senate hearings and wanted some outside shots and were and I quote “Waiting for a clear shot”. In other words they were waiting to make sure they did not give us any coverage.

Thank God for internet media. I covered the event and posted to my YouTube Channel and blog feel free to pass it along. or

We must pray that the government does not shut down the internet sites that actually report on the news. SOPA might have been temporarily overrated but it is a matter of time before they start restricting and limiting peoples ability to access or post things online for the sake of “security”. Sometimes I feel like either people are not even paying attention to what is going on or maybe I am just taking crazy pills but gone are the days when you turned on the news and actually saw what was going on in our country. Now it is all Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce, Katy Perry is getting a divorce, Snooky got punched in the face at a bar, Brad Pitt and Angelina are not marrying until gay marriage is legal and Lady Gaga arrived at the grammys in an egg and on and on the irrelevant information is spewed out on National News as if it actually matters.

I would love to teach a class showing everyone how easy it is to blog, Ustream, upload to YouTube,, Podcast through Podbean and upload to iTunes etc, etc because if we all do not start passing around the real information when we come across there might come a day when we cannot get any real news or information that could one day save our lives.


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