The Veil Is Thinning

There is a battle for souls being waged around us.  The veil is thinning and there are many who are discerning that something, is coming. Are you ready?

The Church Militant must engage themselves in this battle.  Each of you have been given a particular gift, charism or expertise that will change the tide and ensure our victory.  We need each other as the mystical body of Christ to join forces and defeat the enemy of the Church.

After realizing that there are all of the resources we need to turn the tide of the battle, I thought it best to provide a place that the Church Militant can go to find all of the ingredients, tools, resources and inspiration in one spot.

While I am sure there are many places out there that have similar links to this or that, this site is intended to not just to connect you to the people you know of, but to introduce you to the people you do not.

When we put all of our resources together into one big pot, we will not have a complete meal to sustain us, but to feed others as well.  I am going to be compiling a list of people and resources and ask that they provide me with any new insights, updates or news that will help us formulate the battle plan as well as the tools to carry it out so that we are victorious in re-crowning Christ the King of the World.

The preparation time is short, but we already know who wins in the end, so join me as we grow in strength and number.  If you come across a resource that is related and believe should be shared her, please leave a comment and I will look into it!

May Our Lady of Guadalupe Hide and Protect us.

Christina King